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  • HB6292 Single-Cell/Two-Cell Linear Li-ion/Li Polymer Battery Charger
  • Outline

    The HB6292 is an integrated single cell/two cell Li-ion or Li polymer battery charger capable of operating with an input voltage as low as 3.6V, The maximum charging current is up to 800mA.The HT6292 can work with various AC adaptors or USB ports. A complete charge cycle includes constant current charge (CC) and constant voltage charge (CV). The charge current is programmable with an external resistor up to 800mA. The HT6292 can also work with a current-limited adaptor to minimize the thermal dissipation, in which case, the HT6292 combines the benefits of both a linear charger and a switching charger. The HT6292 features charge current thermal fold back and short circuit protection to guarantee safe operation. Additional features include preconditioning of an over-discharged battery、NTC thermistor interface and automatic recharge.


    ● Charger for single-cell/two-cell Li-ion/Li polymer battery
    ● Smart battery existence detection
    ● 0.5% voltage accuracy
    ● Full charged voltage trimming by external resistors
    ●Integrated power MOSFET and current sensor
    ● No external blocking diode needed
    ● Programmable charge current up to 800mA
    ● Charge current thermal fold back
    ● NTC Thermistor interface for battery temperature monitor
    ● Short circuit protection
    ● Accepts multiple types of adapters or USB bus Power
    ● Ambient temperature range:-30℃~70℃
    ● Thin SSOP-16 package


    ●Handheld devices, include medical handhelds
    ● PDA, cell phones and smart phones
    ● Portable instruments,MP3
    ● Stand alone chargers
    ● Self-Charging Battery Packs
    ● USB bus powered chargers
    ● Pb-free available

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