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  • Switchmode Single-Cell/Two-Cell Li-ion/Li Polymer Battery Charger
  • Outline

    HB6298B is an integrated 1-cell/2-cell
    Li-ion/Li polymer switch-mode charge management
    device, targeted at a wide range of portable
    applications. HB6298B offers integrated power FET,
    high-accuracy current and voltage regulation,
    charge preconditioning, charge status, and charge
    termination, in a small TSSOP20 or QFN20 package.
    HB6298B charges the battary in three phase:
    preconditioning, constant current(CC), and
    constant voltage(CV). The charge current is
    programmable with an external resistor up to
    1.5A. HB6298B features cycle-by-cycle current
    limit, charge current thermal foldback and short
    circuit protection to guarantee safe operation.
    Additional features include NTC thermistor
    interface to monitor the battery temperature.


    ● High conversion efficiency charger for
    1-cell/2-cell Li-ion/Li polymer battery
    ● 0.5% voltage accuracy
    ● Full charged voltage trimming by external
    ● Build-in battery detection
    ● Integrated power MOSFET
    ● Soft starting
    ● 400kHz PWM Oscillator frequency
    ● Programmable charge current up to 1.5A
    ● NTC Thermistor interface for battery
    temperature monitor
    ● Status outputs for LED
    ● Cycle-by-cycle current limit, charge
    current thermal fold-back , short circuit
    ● 18V absolute maximum voltage rating on IN
    ● Ambient temperature range: -20℃~70℃
    ● Both TSSOP-20 and QFN-20 package available


    ● Handheld devices, include medical
    ● Portable-DVD,PDA,cell phones and smart
    ● Portable instruments
    ● Self-charging battery packs
    ● Stand-alone chargers

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