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    The HB6293 series are highly integrated Li-ion and Li-polymer switch-mode charge management devices targeted at a wide range of portable applications. The HB6293 series offers high-accuracy current and voltage regulation, charge preconditioning, charge status, and charge termination, in a small, thermally enhanced MSOP-10 package. The HB6293 charges the battery in three phases: pre-charge, constant current and constant voltage, constant current is decided by the external resistance, and the constant voltage can be fine-tuned by external resistance. Protections of over voltage and short circuit provide a safety backup for charge termination. The HB6293 automatically restarts the charge cycle if the battery voltage falls below an internal threshold and enters sleep mode when VCC supply is removed.


    High-Accuracy Current Regulation PWM Charger Suitable for 1-, or 2-Cell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Battery Packs
    0.5% Charge Voltage Accuracy
    Programmable Charge Current Control
    Constant Charge Voltage fine-tuned by External Resistance
    Intelligent Battery Detection
    Integrated Soft Start
    Switching Frequency 600KHz
    LED Charge Status Outputs
    Short Circuit Detection & Protection
    Battery Charging Voltage Protection
    20-V Absolute Maximum Voltage Rating on IN Pins
    Charge Termination Time adjusted by External Capacitance
    Operating junction temperature range:-20℃~70℃
    MSOP-10 Package


    Handheld Products
    Mobile Devices

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