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  • HB6266--Switch Mode Single Li+ Battery Charge and BOOST Discharge Controller
  • Outline

    The HB6266 is a high-efficiency synchronous Li-ion and Li-polymer battery charge and discharge controller targeted at power management applications of portable equipment.
    The HB6266 offers high-accuracy voltage and current regulation, charge preconditioning, charge status, and charge termination, and discharge part automatically detects the load into standby mode and offers battery low alarm.
    The HB6266 charges the battery in three phases: pre-charge, constant current and constant voltage, constant current is decided by the external resistance, and the constant voltage can be fine-tuned by external resistance.
    The HB6266 integrates input current limit loop, dynamic adjustment of the current distribution according to the load, and offers rapid response and over current shutdown functions.
    The HB6266 indicates the remaining capacity of battery in charge or discharge state effectively. The HB6266 can drive LED flashlight under the control of single Key.
    The HB6266 combines battery temperature detection, charge time limit, Cycle-by-cycle current limit, and Boost output over current, over voltage and short circuit protection to ensure chip safety at work.


    Synchronous High-efficiency Buck charge controller for single Li+ and Li-Polymer Battery
    Synchronous High-efficiency Boost discharge controller for battery power
    Input Maximum Voltage of 10V
    Battery Discharge as low as 3V
    0.5% Charge Voltage Accuracy
    1.5% Boost Discharge Voltage Accuracy
    Charge Enable and Current Setup control on ISET pin
    Singe Key with multi-Function
    Switch from Boost mode to Standby Mode automatically according to the load
    Total standby current as low as 10uA
    ILOAD pin discharge current standby threshold set
    Constant Charge Voltage fine-tuned by External Resistance
    Integrated Soft Start
    Integrated Boot-Strap Diode
    Integrated Peak Current Mode Compensation
    750KHz Switch Frequency
    Charge States and Battery power display
    Integrated max 100mA LED Driver
    Battery Short Detection and Protection
    Integrated Over Temperature Shutdown
    Battery Charge Over Voltage Protection
    Input Power Current Limit and Over Current Protection
    Cycle-by-cycle Current Limit
    Boost Output Over Current Protection
    External Charge Time Setup
    Integrated Input Under-Voltage and Over-Voltage Protection
    Temperature range: -40℃~125℃
    TSSOP-24 or QFN-24 Package


    Handheld Equipment
    PDVD,PDA and Smartphone
    Power Management

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