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  • 16-bit Constant Current LED Sink Driver
  • Outline

    The HB5024, 16-channel constant current LED driver with low dropout voltage, is designed for LED display applications. HB5024 features a 16-bit shift register and data latches which convert serial input data into parallel output format. The device has sixteen regulated current ports which are designed to provide 3mA to 45mA uniform and constant current for driving LEDs.HB5024 provides typical ±2% channel to channel and ±3% chip to chip LED current accuracy.
    Users may set the output current from 3mA to 45mA through an external resistor, Rext, which gives users flexibility in controlling the light intensity of LEDs.
    HB5024 guarantees a 17V output driving capability, allowing the users to connect more LEDs in series. The high clock frequency, 25 MHz, also satisfies the system requirements of high volume data transmission.


    16 constant-current output channels
    Constant output current invariant to load voltage change
    Constant current range:
    3mA – 45mA@ VDD= 5V
    3mA – 30mA@ VDD= 3.3V
    Excellent output current accuracy:
    between channels: <±1.5%
    between ICs: <±1.5%
    Output current adjusted through an external resistor
    Fast response of output current, (min):70ns @ VDD= 3.3V
    30MHz clock frequency
    Schmitt trigger input
    supply voltage:3.3V/5V
    ESD rating:≥4000V

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