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  • Low power 16-Channel Constant Current LED Driver
  • Outline

    HB5041 is designed for LED video applications using internal Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control with selectable 16-bit color depth. HB5041 features a 16-bit shift register which converts serial input data into each pixel gray scale of output port. The device has sixteen regulated current ports which are designed to provide 2mA to 45mA uniform and constant current for driving LEDs. The output current can be preset through an external resistor. Moreover, the preset current of HB5041 can be further programmed to 64 gain steps for LED global brightness adjustment.
    HB5041 enhances Pulse Width Modulation by scrambling the “on” time into several “on” periods. The enhancement equivalently increases the visual refresh rate. HB5041 drives the corresponding LEDs to the brightness specified by image data. With HB5041, all output channels can be built with 16-bit color depth (65,536 gray scales). Each LED’s brightness can be calibrated enough from minimum to maximum brightness with compensated gamma correction or LED deviation information inside the 16-bit image data.


    16 constant-current output channels
    16 bit PWM gray scale control
    6 bit linear programmable output current gain
    Constant output current invariant to load voltage change
    Constant output current range per channel:
    2mA – 45mA@ VDD= 5V
    2mA – 30mA@ VDD= 3.3V
    Excellent output current accuracy:
    Between channels: <±1.5%
    Between ICs: <±3%
    Output current adjusted through an external resistor
    Staggered delay for output, preventing from current surge
    Maximum data clock frequency: 30MHz
    Schmitt trigger input

    3.0V-5.5V supply voltage
    ESD Rating: ≥4000V

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